Statement by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Artsakh on the Occasion of the May Triple Holiday, 05.09.2021

May 9 is one of the most memorable and symbolic days in the history of Artsakh and the whole Armenian people. Today, we are celebrating a glorious triple holiday – the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Լiberation of Shօushi in May 1992, and the formation of the Defense Army of the Republic of Artsakh.

We proudly remember the heroism of the fighters, thanks to whom we managed to overcome all the challenges and to succeed in the fight against fascism, nationalism and historical injustice. The epochal victories symbolize the nation’s endurance, courage, unbreakable faith and patriotism. And just this is the keynote message of the May Triple Holiday.

To gain new victories we must always remember and cherish historical ones.

On this momentous holiday, we congratulate our entire society, our brothers and sisters in Armenia and the Diaspora, all the veterans and servicemen who ensure the security of our Motherland.

Peace to our Fatherland.

We will definitely celebrate new victories in the future!


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