Turkey, in accordance with the action already taken by the Allied Powers, hereby recognises Armenia as a free and independent State.


Turkey and Armenia as well as the other High Contracting Parties agree to submit to the arbitration of the President of the United States of America the question of the frontier to be fixed between Turkey and Armenia in the Vilayets of Erzerum, Trebizond, Van and Bitlis, and to accept his decision thereupon, as well as any stipulations he may prescribe as to access for Armenia to the sea, and as to the demilitarisation of any portion of Turkish territory adjacent to the said frontier.


In the event of the determination of the frontier under Article 89 involving the transfer of the whole or any part of the territory of the said Vilayets to Armenia, Turkey hereby renounces as from the date of such decision all rights and title over the territory so transferred. Ihe provisions of the present Treaty applicable to territory detached from Turkey shall thereupon become applicable to the said territory The proportion and nature of the financial obligations of Turkey which Armenia will have to assume, or of the rights which will pass to her, on account of the transfer of the said territory will be determined in accordance with Articles 241 to 244. Part VIII (Financial Clauses) of the present Treaty.

Subsequent agreements will if necessary, decide all questions which are not decided by the present Treaty and which may arise in consequence of the transfer of the said territory.


In the event of any portion of the territory referred to in Article 89 heing transferred to Armenia, a Boundary Commission whose composition will be determined subsequetly, will be constituted within three months from the delivery of the decision referred to in the said Article to trace on the spot the frontier between Armenia and Turkey as established by such decision.


The frontiers between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Georgia respectively will be determined by direct agreement between the States concerned.

If in either case the States concerned have failed to determine the frontier by agreement at the date of the decision referred to in Article 89, the frontier line in question will be determined by the Principal Allied Powers, who will also provide for its being traced on the spot.


Armenia accepts and agrees to embody in a Treaty with the Principal Allied Powers such provisions as may be deemed necessary by these Powers to protect the interests of inhabitants of that State who differ from the majority of the population in race, language, or religion.

Armenia further accepts and agrees to embody in a Treaty with the Principal Allied Powers such provisions as these Powers may deem necessary to protect freedom of transit and equitable treatment for the commerce of other nations.

10 August, 1920, Sevres


Agreement between the victorious states of the First World War and Turkey, concluded on one side by Turkey and on the other by Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Armenia, the Kingdom of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, the Hejaz and Czechoslovakia.

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