STATEMENT – No one can take away the right to retribution from the Armenian people, and it already exists today! /The consequences of a crime cannot give rise to law!/, October 3, 2023

At the age of 33, Christ was crucified,

At the age of 33, the Republic of Artsakh was crucified…


These days the criminal liquidation of the Republic of Artsakh was carried out.

The enemies of the Armenian people are convinced that the extensive program of aggression, genocide and deportation against the Republic of Artsakh has been fully implemented. In other words, according to an illegal act, the Republic of Artsakh was “liquidated”, the Artsakh Defense Army was disarmed, the Armenians of Artsakh were genocided and deported to Armenia.

Azerbaijan had the opportunity to live peacefully and coexist in the region, but the dictatorial Aliyev clan missed this opportunity forever.

It is important for everyone to realize that the perpetrators of all the unbridled activities against Artsakh and the Armenians of Artsakh, aggression and Genocide, are two terrorist states – Azerbaijan and Turkey, with the participation, tacit support and consent of the international community, including major actors.

Today it is also difficult to realize that part of this unprecedented conspiracy against the Republic of Artsakh were traitors with Armenian surnames, through whose hands and efforts this crime was committed.

However, the story ends when people stop acting. We cannot be happy when our Motherland is sick. The imperative of the Armenians is the condemnation of national traitors and the construction of a new state of Artsakh without the participation of national traitors who also committed the White Genocide in both Artsakh and Armenia. The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia), based on modern challenges and threats to civilization, initiates the writing of a new, Shusha edition of the Roerich Pact on preserving the heritage of peoples not only from military actions, but also from terrorism and the use of prohibited weapons of mass destruction against civilians and military personnel.

At the same time, it is obvious that genocidal actions and aggression do not end there. Everything indicates that the next target of aggression may be Syunik, the northern regions of Armenia, as well as key state-forming infrastructures.

Perhaps we are talking about a new Sadarapat!

The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) has long taken under protection the following legal – political agenda and strategy: “Armenia’s tasks yesterday and today defense of the country and protection of rights.”

According to this agenda and strategy, the Armenian people and Armenia need to quickly organize national defense, arm themselves, prepare for inevitable events, and also focus on creating the institutions of a nation-state.

Moreover, it is important to emphasize that the consequences of a crime cannot give rise to rights. The Armenian Genocide, which continues to this day and remains unpunished, cannot take away the right of retribution from the Armenian people in the name of protecting life and dignity, and this right still exists today. It should be noted that the former, founding prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Ocampo, claims in an interview with Al Jazeera that what is happening in Artsakh is both Genocide and ethnic cleansing.

At any point of the Armenian Land, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Caspian Sea, from the Black Sea to Mesopotamia, the values created by our ancestors at different times are scattered. They are manifestations of the same creative mind, created from the ancient Stone Age to modern times: one is 10,000 years old, another is 5,000 years old, and the third was created by our great-grandparents or fathers. All this indicates that we are natives of this land, we are the descendants of the ancestors who created the center of the primary civilization of mankind.

But it is also a reason to wonder whether we currently deserve to be called descendants of such ancestors.

It is important to clarify here that Islam is not involved in the atrocities of the Turks! Peoples professing Islam saved the Armenians and other peoples from the Genocide. From the Prophet Muhammad to Saladin, from the sheriff of Mecca to the caliphs of Alexandria, everyone called to protect the rights and heritage of the Armenians, threatening them with the punishments of hell. Sultan Abdul Hamid, Erdogan and Aliyev are not devout Muslims.

Moreover, Armenians from all over the world who suffered from the Genocide and deportation, from privates to marshals, already fought against fascism, taking revenge on the Nazis for the Armenian Genocide on the fronts, in the rear, in partisan detachments and in the Resistance movement during World War II. And during the Holocaust, most Jews were saved thanks to Armenians, Armenian families, Armenian churches and structures of the Armenian diaspora. As they say, there is no such thing as someone else’s grief, and whoever is afraid to confirm this either kills or is preparing to become a murderer…

At the same time, today we see Israel’s fingerprints all over the atrocities that occurred in Artsakh: ethnic cleansing, the use of prohibited weapons of mass destruction, the participation of international terrorist mercenaries, the blockade of Artsakh, the genocide and deportation of the Armenians of Artsakh.

Representatives of the Israeli government justify Bandera, lay wreaths at the graves of Rasul Zadeh, Ataturk and other murderers of Armenians and other indigenous peoples. Holocaust museums present the so-called “Khojaly massacre”, while in fact, according to the testimonies and evidence of thousands of eyewitnesses, the authoritarian regime of the Western Caspian region killed Turkish-Meskhetian Armenians of genetic and historical origin…

Today, like 100 years ago, the leaders and governments of the great powers are forgetting the Convention “On the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” of the UN General Assembly of December 9, 1948, the Convention “On the Non-Application of the Statute of Limitations for War Crimes and crimes against humanity” of the UN General Assembly of November 26, 1968, adopted by the UN General Assembly Resolution No. 2625 (XXV) of October 24, 1970, the UN General Assembly Convention of December 9, 1948, defining the “Principle of equality and self-determination of peoples.”

For what? For the sake of oil and gas? But one day the oil and gas will run out, and who will these leaders go down in history? What about those who have no dignity?!

The Armenian people have endless oil and gas – this is their beginningless, endless and incomprehensible historical and cultural heritage, passed on from generation to generation.

The world must come to its senses. After all, neither the Jews, nor the besieged residents of Leningrad, nor those in the Warsaw ghetto were offered to sign a truce with the Nazis, as the Armenians are offered today. After all, the world could not calmly look at Hitler’s demands for the Danzig Corridor, as it looks today at the so-called corridor through the sovereign territory of Armenia.

In this regard, considering that:

  1. Diaspora Armenians are Armenians scattered around the world as a result of the Genocide of Armenian and deportation, which directly connects the issues of the Diaspora Armenians with all the challenges of the Armenian national state.
  2. Armenians scattered throughout the world and the Armenians of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia), with the goal of a final and fair settlement of the Armenian issue, chose the path of upholding the joint rights granted to the Armenian people and the State of Armenia by the world community in 1918-1920.
  3. In the formations on the territory of the Western Caspian Sea, not recognized by the International community in 1918-1920 in the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the Azerbaijan SSR, the Azerbaijan Republic, the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and the Karabakh Autonomous Region, the fundamental rights of Armenians and other indigenous peoples have been violated over the past 120 years, massacres of Armenians and other indigenous peoples, forced displacement, deportation, confiscation of property, violations of human rights and property, Anthropocide, Patrioticide, Genocide, Depatriation, Culturocide were carried out, which were not assessed and condemned by subjects of international law and the World community, thereby remaining unpunished .
  4. The Republic of Azerbaijan does not recognize the continuity of the Soviet period in order to avoid responsibility for crimes committed in the past.
  5. The author of the term “genocide” R. Lemkin failed to bring the term “culturocide” to a legal definition, and in the established Institute of the Ombudsman for Cultural Heritage of the State of Armenia – Republic of Western Armenia, with the involvement of scientists and experts from the international professional community, the preparation of a draft of an updated Convention “On the Prevention of the crime of Genocide and punishment for it.”
  6. The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) assumes the rights of the expropriated and trampled desecrated Armenians and other indigenous peoples of the Western Caspian region, Artsakh and Nakhichevan and initiates the process of accounting, inventory, audit, assessment and forensic examination of damage and losses of Armenians and other indigenous peoples for over the last 120 years, as a result of the Genocides, the Greatest Cultural Genocide, Depatriation on the territory of the Western Caspian region, it has been forming a structure for the protection of Armenians, Talishes, Tsakhurs, Lezgins, Avars and other indigenous peoples and their descendants, deported from the territory of the Western Caspian region, subjected to Genocide, expropriated, lost their homeland and autonomy to protect lost rights and property.

The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) decided:

  1. The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia), until the restoration of the state structures of the Republic of Artsakh, assumes all legal and political obligations to represent the Republic of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh on international and legal platforms. subjects, states and protect their rights.
  2. To accept 120 thousand deported Artsakh Armenians, who are citizens of the Republic of Artsakh and the Republic of Armenia, as citizens of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia).
  3. To accept 850 thousand deportees, refugees, internally displaced persons and those who lost their homeland of Armenians and their descendants, descendants of those killed in pogroms, innocently killed in Genocides from the territory of the Western Caspian Sea, Nakhichevan, Plain and Northern Artsakh (Karabakh) over the last 120 years, as citizens Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia).
  4. To create the Institute of the Defender (Ombudsman) of the states of the Armenian civilization: State of Armenia – Republic of Western Armenia, Cilicia, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Artsakh, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, Javakhk.
  5. To create and launch the Permanent Tribunal of Indigenous Peoples of the Greater Middle East and Western Caspian Region. Whenever peoples do not have the courage to punish the perpetrators of their misfortune, history punishes the people through these perpetrators. Those who hesitate and hesitate in their choice are given a choice by circumstances.
  6. To form a Center for Dialogue of Religions, Cultures and Civilization in the State of Armenia-Republic of Western Armenia.

The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) calls on the Armenian people scattered throughout the world and their socio-political structures to initiate an international judicial process to punish the criminal leaders of the two terrorist states who committed the Armenian Genocide, which began in Ottoman Turkey in 1894-1896, and continued in the Republic of Azerbaijan from 1918 to the present day.

The Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia) calls on Armenian scientists and intellectuals living and working around the world to unite around the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia).

The State of Armenia – the Republic of Western Armenia, calls on all Armenians to unite around the structures of the State of Armenia and, as an independent national-state structure of the Armenian people, makes a request to lead the legal, political, liberation struggle of the Armenian people for the liberation of the Motherland and the realization of all rights granted to the Armenian people.

Get off your knees, Armenian people! You must be resurrected!

You are now going through a difficult path of self-purification!

Your redemption is the way of light!

Filled with this faith and conviction, let us continue our struggle until the transformation and revival of the nation-state!

The homeland gives a person the most beautiful pride, the deepest pain, the purest of cults and the holiest of deaths!

Great despair always gives birth to great strength! We must live a decent life!


Martik Gasparyan

President of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia).

October 3, 2023


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