DECLARATION – The entire Armenian people and the Republic of Western Armenia (the State of Armenia) will never come to terms with the Genocide of the Armenians of Artsakh, the deportation and the loss of Artsakh’s statehood, 30.09.2023

The coalition hostile to the Armenian people and its proxy agents, Turkey and Azerbaijan, all together, as terrorist states, carried out the genocide and deportation of the Armenians of Artsakh in Artsakh, continuing the Ottoman Turkey from 1894-1896 in the way of the state terrorist policy by the artificial state called Azerbaijan from 1918.

The state terrorist policy against the Armenian people and the Armenian civilization that has been going on for more than 130 years is carried out on an ethnic-national basis and on the basis of the pan-Turkism and Pan-Turanism, a misanthropic-Armenian-hating ideology. This is also evidenced by the terrorist criminal policy and program adopted by them against the Armenian culture and civilizational heritage, the purpose of which is to erase the Armenian trace in the entire region, the entire Armenian highlands and the surrounding areas.

As a tool for the implementation of the Armenian Genocide, the theory of Pan-Turkism was put into circulation in 1873-1874 in Europe, then adopted by the successive governments of Turkey, and from 1918 by Azerbaijan as well. Genocide was carried out against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and other peoples in 1894-1923, and it continues to this day towards the Armenians. According to some studies, during the period of 1894-1924, the successive governments of Turkey – Ottoman, Young Turk, Kemal – destroyed more than 4 million Armenian, Greek, Assyrian citizens of the empire. The Armenian Genocide was carried out on the territory of the Ottoman Empire, in Western Armenia, Cilician Armenia, Eastern Armenia, Baku, Shushi…

And in 1918-2016 in the territory called the Republic of Azerbaijan by the successive governments of Azerbaijan, continued the acts of genocide in Sumgait, Baku, as well as in Shushi, Nakhichevan, Artsakh, Gardman, Gandzak, Maragha, Shahumyan, Talish and other Armenian territories, achieving now already to Artsakh.

It is clear to all parties that the current genocidal actions could not have been carried out without the agreement, planning, cooperation and participation of a number of influential states that are members of the international community.

This is the reality.

It is also clear to all parties that Artsakh, the Republic of Armenia, the entire Armenian people had the potential to resist those genocidal plans, if they had national-state leadership.

However, taking into account the present realities, our task is:

  1. to reach the condemnation of pan-Turkism and pan-Turanism, the anti-human theory,
  2. to achieve full condemnation and reparation for the Armenian Genocide,
  3. to reach the condemnation of the terrorist states, including the hostile coalition and its proxy tools, the leaders of the terrorist states of Turkey and Azerbaijan, as planners, instigators, and implementers of war, genocide and crimes against humanity,
  4. to achieve the establishment of a permanent tribunal for the indigenous peoples of the Middle East and its effective operation.

How can we not take into account that:

  1. the genocide of Armenians (and the above-mentioned peoples) is an international crime against humanity and civilization,
  2. the massacre and deportation of Armenians (and the above-mentioned peoples) during 1894-1923, 1988-2023 is genocide, according to the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, December 9, 1948.
  3. the genocide of the Armenians (and the above-mentioned peoples) is subject to condemnation, according to the UN Convention on the Non-Applicability of the Statute of Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, November 26, 1968.
  4. and that no statute of limitations applies to those crimes.

It is clear to everyone that until

  1. the twin terrorist states, Turkey and Azerbaijan, have not been punished for the genocide, ethnic cleansing policy, repressions and forced deportation of these peoples against Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Yezidis, Kurds, Talish, Lezgs and other peoples,
  2. reparations were not made to the peoples subjected to genocide,
  3. Pan-Turkism and Pan-Turanism were not condemned as a misanthropic theory,
  4. the international community has not helped the peoples listed above to restore their legal rights,

it is not possible to establish peace neither in the South Caucasus nor in the Middle East.

On the other hand, it is necessary to defend all the rights given to the Armenian people at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919-1920 in all instances and by all means, as the Republic of Western Armenia (the State of Armenia) has done and is doing.

We consider it necessary to emphasize the following:

The Republic of Western Armenia (the State of Armenia) will never come to terms with the realities of the present imposed on Artsakh, the Armenians of Artsakh, the Armenian people by aggressor and terrorist states, including the fact of the occupation of Artsakh, just as it did not reconcile with the realities of the occupation of Western Armenia and Armenian Cilicia.

The Republic of Western Armenia (the State of Armenia) will never come to terms with this vassal status imposed on the Republic of Armenia from inside and outside.

The Republic of Western Armenia, the State of Armenia, taking into account all these realities, at this moment acts as an independent national state structure of the entire Armenian people and submits a bid to lead the struggle of the Armenian people for life, freedom and the future.

Tigran Pashabezyan
Prime Minister of the Republic of Western Armenia (State of Armenia)

 September 30, 2023

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