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The Armenian highlands, the historic homeland of the Armenians

October 31, 2017 Lousavor Avedis English 0 September 18, 2017 – Vigen Avetisyan Each nation is geographically tied to some piece of a land. As for Armenians, they have two homelands – one historical and one inherited from political injustice. Today, the latter’s area is equal to the area of the modern Kiev region. The historical homeland of the Armenians …

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Stanislav Tarassov: «L’organisation du référendum concernant l’indépendance du Kurdistan irakien est incertaine»

A la veille du référendum concernant l’indépendance du Kurdistan irakien prévu le 25 septembre, la capitale de cette région non encore indépendante est devenue « la Mecque politique » du Proche Orient. De nombreuses délégations étrangères se rendent à Erbil pour discuter avec les dirigeants locaux des perspectives du développement de la situation non seulement en Irak …

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Russian-Turkish relations can be improved when the Republic of Armenia border the Armenia  

———————– The settlement of regional problems can become a reality only after the Republic of Armenia become contiguous to Western Armenia Republic (Armenia State) ———————— In recent decades, along with the development of the events in Middle East, the comments are often made on the formation of an independent Kurdistan state. Moreover, every time, mostly …

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Julia Gyuloyan: “Appropriation and destruction of cultural and religious heritage of the Armenian people, political neo-osmanienne of Turkey, challenges and threats”

One of the obvious manifestations of the policy of neo-Ottomanism of the Turkish Republic at the present stage is a continuation of the policy of appropriation and destruction of the cultural, historical and spiritual heritage of the Armenian people. These are policies that have been in place at various times throughout the history of the …

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Armen Ter-Sarkissian. «La Question Arménienne et la politique néo-osmanienne de la Turquie: défis et menaces»

(Exposé spécial dans le cadre du meeting international concernant le Proche Orient «La politique néo-osmanienne de la Turquie: défis et menaces», avec la participation d’experts et de politologues reconnus venus de Russie, d’Arménie, de Syrie, d’Iran, de Turquie, d’Irak et d’Israël, sous l’égide de l’Agence fédérale d’information «REGNUM», Russie) La politique néo-osmanliste adoptée actuellement par …

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ADDRESS From Government of Western Armenia to Government of UN Member States

Considering that since 1921, the implementation process the Paris Peace Conference decisions on regulation of the Armenian Question was suspended for nearly 50 years, Considering that on April 24, 1965 with movements and protests in Yerevan, a 50-year-old blockade on the recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians was lifted, which was followed by the …

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APPEAL to UN Security Council members, the States that have signed the Treaty of Sevres, the International Association of Member States On the rights of Armenians from Western Armenia

Every nation has the right to live, the right to develop and the right to have a future. Armenians have also the right to live, develop and have a future, Armenians of Western Armenia, Armenians living in the Middle East, who, incidentally, earned those rights by rich civilization past, creative present and by the light …

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