Appeal to world leaders to return to the OSCE site – on the Genocide against the Armenian people in the Western Caspian region, 06.01.2022


to the Russian President Vladimir Putin,

US President Joe Biden,

France President Emmanuel Macron,

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson,

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

in conjunction with the planned negotiations between Russia and the United States,

passage of the Russia-NATO Council,

upcoming discussion in the OSCE

on January 9-13, 2022

on the crimes of genocide committed against the indigenous Armenian and other autochthonous

peoples in the Western Caspian


Your Excellencies, Messrs. Presidents!

 A year ago, the 150-year-old Turkish genocidal machine, taking advantage of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic chaos, like 100 years ago, once again deceiving the high powers, the world community and everyone on planet Earth, bypassing the OSCE – Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (unilaterally left the OSCE format – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia, violated the will of the world community – the decision of the UN General Assembly Israel, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia), secretly cooperated around themselves destructive forces of all forms of usury of the modern world, during the confusion of the transfer of power in the United States from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, prepared and basely implemented their atrocities against humanity and civilization already in the 21st century in the form of the Armenian Genocide in the Western Caspian region, with the involvement of terrorists and the use of a prohibited chemical weapons against the civilian population of the Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). The criminal goals of this coalition were: the beginning of the occupation of the Republic of Artsakh and Armenia and the final destruction of the statehood of the Armenians, which, by force, 100 years ago, joint collusion with the Bolsheviks, was defined in the form of a territorial-economic reservation. Crimes of today have become possible as a result of the impunity of crimes of a century ago, as a consequence of the failed, maliciously and artificially stopped, contrary to the decisions of the Winning Countries of the First World War, the Versailles Military Tribunal, followed by the short-sighted involvement of those who committed crimes in various international projects under the guise of preserving peace throughout the world and in some regions.

Hhe fateful, destructive lessons of the past are surprisingly ignored … The same as in the 44-day Artsakh war in 2020, bypassing the internationally recognized OSCE platform, when in the Eastern Mediterranean in 89-89. BC. without the knowledge of the Senate of Rome, they provoked a robbery. With a delay and regret, it was realized as a gross mistake and regretted what they had done, they returned all the prisoners of war, paying their way home. But from time immemorial in the Armenian Highlands and around it, the order in peacetime and from military operations was different.

Artificial formations Kemalist Turkey and Bolshevik Azerbaijan were created on the property of Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Yezidis, Arabs, Alawites, Zaza, Alevi’s, Kurds, Dukhobors, Molokans, and other indigenous peoples of the Armenian Highlands, Western Caspian Sea region, Northern (Armenian) Mesopotamia, Cilicia, Western Asia and the North-West of the Iranian plateau.

During the 44-day aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey, together with international terrorists against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in 2020, Armenians and other autochthonous peoples left their millennial hearths, taking with them the coffins of their relatives and gravestones dug from the graves. During the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Armenians and other deported indigenous peoples still had confidence in the just punishment of Turkey for atrocities against humanity and civilization, the hope of returning to their homes. Usury today among the Armenian people has not abandoned faith even in death.

If the Versailles military tribunal was not artificially thwarted by usury and the Constantinople military tribunal punished all organizers for the Armenian Genocide, both the thugs of the Young Turkish party and the government of the Sultan, Young Turks and Kemalists, then there would be no brown plague in the Old World and all over the world, several tens of millions of innocent people killed and destroyed to the ground, settlements, villages, cities and countries. Turkey’s impunity led to the genocides of the Greeks, Assyrians, Yezidis, Arabs, Alawites, the Zaza people, Alevi’s, Kurds, Dukhobors, Molokans, the murder of Christian Assyrians in Iraq (1933), Jewish pogroms in Russia and Romania, the Holocaust, the Genocides in Cambodia, etc. the Khmer Rouge side and in Rwanda by the Hutu and Interahamwe forces against the Tutsis. In the 20th century, at least 30 million people died in the world as a result of acts of genocide.[i]

The armed conflict, initiated with impunity by Turkey and the international coalition of countries ‘the union of Turkic-speaking states’, was implemented against the background of the almost complete isolation of the Republic of Armenia:

– open preaching of jihad (ghazavat) against the Armenian people, irst as a training facility in the administrative territory of Az. SSR – in Sumgait, Baku and everywhere in this union republic, then – in the north of Syria, in Iraq and through international channels of Islamic terrorism, open recruitment of jihadists and their massive use in genocidal actions against the peaceful population of Artsakh, not respecting international basic human rights norms;

– with millions of information threads, extremist organizations received a powerful impetus to action having before their eyes the “inspiring” experience of the 44-day Azerbaijan-Artsakh war.

We are sure that the shifts resulting from the above did not fail to appear in Afghanistan, and in Syria, and now in Kazakhstan. It is desirable that the task of the peacekeeping forces was to protect the rights of the Kazakh people (s) and citizens of Kazakhstan from the actions of the age-old Turkic usury and the “coalition of destructive forces of the international terrorist gang” created by them, already against the Turkic peoples. The peoples must know their false heroes of usury!

A hundred years ago:

– The High Powers of the Winning Countries at the Versailles Conferences and the League of Nations (UN), established on the basis of fundamental research by the 28th President of the United States of America Woodrow Wilson, made specific decisions to overcome the consequences of the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, namely, on the creation of the state of Armenia, determined the borders of the Armenian area, but exhausted and weakened as a result of the First World War, the victor countries did not complete the work they had begun.

– Usury plundered, dismembered and destroyed Russia (the abdication of the tsar and the coup, the deprivation of the Russian Empire of the status of the Country of the winner of the First World War, civil war, artificially drawn borders of nations and peoples of the empire, repression, World War II, 80-year-old Anthropocide of indigenous peoples, in the first turn – Russian, Slavic and Armenian peoples) under various permanent slogans, both covertly and artificially “actively” participating in various international projects and programs, committed atrocities against creative civilisational forms.

– For the first time in its history, the United States was involved in international affairs (the first passage across the Atlantic by a US President, an American diplomat and peacemaker to the Old World). This was connected with the consideration of the Armenian issue – with the Mandate of Armenia, the Arbitration to determine the borders of Armenia, the confirmation of the de facto title of the territory over Armenia in the Congress. As a result, over time, the United States became a superpower.

Usury, through the cult of personality, authoritarianism and totalitarianism, voluntarism and subjectivism of the leaders of the Bolsheviks and the fathers of the world proletariat, put forward a long-term goal, presenting the Armenians as aliens: as soon as the Armenians exterminated the Urartians in their cradle, the Turks also exterminated the Armenians in their cradle. All such a structure was necessary to free the Turks and the Genocidal Machine created on their basis from the need to recognise the Armenian Genocide and compensate for the consequences of the Genocide against the Armenian and other indigenous peoples in the form of reparation and restitution.

Can they take the history away from the Armenians? It is unlikely that they will succeed. Armenians have lived in the Armenian Highlands since time immemorial. Rather, they know little about Armenia and its people.

We all know what the demands of Nazi Germany about the ‘Danzig Corridor’ led to – to the beginning of preparations for a war against Poland. That is why the tsarist commander and Balkan hero Garegin Nzhdeh, the Byzantine, the legendary general Andranik Ozanyan did the impossible and saved not only Armenia, but also the Russian Orthodox Christian world, as well as the Old World from usury.

Today it is important to remember Hitler’s monologue at the grave of Napoleon, to realise the magical power of the opening of Tamerlane’s sarcophagus.

We will not repeat the words of Tamerlane, the man of God (Allah), why does he not destroy the Armenians, the people of God (Allah)? Or the words of the Prophet Muhammad and the Caliphs about the Armenians!

Islam is not involved in the atrocities of the Turks! The Muslim Greater Middle East saved the Armenians and other indigenous peoples of the Ottoman Empire from the genocide by usury.

There is a process of Turkization of Islam and shifting responsibility for the atrocities against humanity – the Genocide of Armenians, Greeks, Yezidis, Arabs, Kurds, Zaza, Alevi’s, Alawites, Molokans, Dukhobors, and other autochthonous peoples from the side of usury to Islam.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the content of PUNISHMENT Lenk Timur / the third line on the hanging carpet of the Samarkand Museum of Tamerlane’s mausoleum) about Artsakh (Karabakh), where it is written in white in black – “Do not offend (touch) the bright creative Armenian people of Artsakh!”


Your Excellencies!

Proceeding from the fact that the centuries-old destruction of the Armenian people by the destructive forces of usury has entered its final stage and for this more than 100 years no one is responsible and is not responsible, we ask you to protect the interests and elementary rights of Armenians in the Western Caspian region, to stop the Armenian Genocide today already in Western Caspian region, to ensure their right to life, peace, freedom of conscience and religion, ethnic and religious affiliation, freedom of movement and choice of place of residence, inviolability of the person, home and property, to education and health care.

In conjunction with the above:

– to take all possible measures for the release of civilians and servicemen of Armenians (PoWs) from Azerbaijani captivity;

– to resolve all issues, return to the OSCE platform generally recognised by the world community and assess the 44-day war unleashed against the Armenians – civilians of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), as well as the crimes of the Genocide against Armenians in Sumgait, Baku (1918, 1920, 1988, 1990), Gandzak, Shushi (1918, 1920), in Maragha, Shamkhor, Kirovabad, Mingechaur (1988), ethnic cleansing, white genocide and culture of the Armenian people in Nakhichevan, and on the administrative territory of Az. SSR as a whole;

– to give international status to both the peacekeeping forces and the sovereignty of the Armenians of Artsakh, where, in addition to the indigenous Armenians, there are also Armenian refugees as a result of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire, Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan, the heirs of the 1894-1923 Armenian Genocide survivors from the Middle East – Syria, Iraq and Lebanon from the end of the twentieth century. and the beginning of the XXI century;

– for demarcation and delimitation, take as a basis the decisions of the world community – the Council of High Powers of the winners of the First World War and the League of Nations (UN), and on the basis of the decisions, principles and proposals of the Proposal Report of the Special Commission of the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920), and not the 80-year-old maps of the Bolsheviks of administrative-territorial division within the Bolshevik subject of international law or artificially formed Azerbaijan and Turkey, and their intentions, which divided the Armenian area among themselves for a century

– to restore the Mandate over Armenia, authorised by the World Community – the League of Nations, over de jure and de facto titles of the territory of Armenia.


Armenian Center for the Prevention and Prevention of Genocides,

National Assembly (Parliament) of Western Armenia,

The Independent International Center of Legal Expertise for Recording, Analysis, Inventory, Audit, Qualimetric Assessment and Legal Expertise of Material and Non-Material Losses Due to the Armenian Genocide for Reparations and Restitution

 Nobel Prize Nominee in Economics and Nobel Peace PrizeAcademician, Doctor of Economics, Professor Martik Gasparyan

January 6, 2022



[1]   Less intense and prolonged episodes, which, in his opinion, are also genocide:

 Authoritarianism and totalitarianism in the USSR in the 1930s

 Maoism and Japanese in China from the 1920s to the 1970s (including the government-created famine of the 1950s)

Genocide of Tibetans and other national minorities in the PRC during the reign of Mao Zedong (in relation to Tibetans – according to the conclusions of the International Commission of Jurists, associated with the UN). Soviet historians noted that “the resistance of the population to economic robbery and national-cultural genocide in the national regions existed constantly, reaching a direct armed uprising in some regions.”

North Korea ruled by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Guatemala from 1954 to 1996 with an intensive phase in 1981-1983

Genocide in East Timor from 1975 to 1999 (with a peak in 1978-80)

Sudan since 1982 (approximately 2 million victims by 2006, first victims were Christians and animists, then black Muslims in the Darfur conflict)

Japan’s war crimes have been called the “Asian Holocaust.”

 Regarding the famine in the USSR of 1932-1933 (in Ukraine and Belarus, called the Holodomor, the famine in Kazakhstan was called “Goloshekinskiy”), there is a question of recognizing the Holodomor as Genocide, consisting of whether these events were mainly an ethnic crime against Ukrainians and Kazakhs or emerged unintentionally from the regime’s reorientation of grain supplies due to drought to achieve economic and political goals. According to Lemkin, these events were genocide and a continuation of the “long-term policy [of the USSR] to eliminate non-Russian peoples by eliminating their individual parts.” The definition of “genocide” in relation to the ethnic cleansing of the Russian population in the period from 1990 to 2005 in Chechnya was repeatedly used by officials of the Russian Federation.

There has also been conflict and persecution of Rohingya in Myanmar as a result of the Burma civil war.


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