ADDRESS From Government of Western Armenia to Government of UN Member States

Considering that since 1921, the implementation process the Paris Peace Conference decisions on regulation of the Armenian Question was suspended for nearly 50 years,

Considering that on April 24, 1965 with movements and protests in Yerevan, a 50-year-old blockade on the recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians was lifted, which was followed by the new struggle to protect own rights,

Considering that during 1965-2015 period the Genocide of the Armenians has been recognized and condemned by the parliaments of more than 20 countries and numerous international organizations and institutions,

Considering that current military-political challenges threatening the Armenian communities in the Middle East, Armenia, Artsakh and all Armenians,

Considering that with the end of the Genocide of the Armenians 100th anniversary events actually start a new critical phase of protection of Armenians’ rights,

Considering that the organizers of the Genocide of the Armenians were condemned in 1919 by Constantinople special military court, and as the compensation for the genocide of 1919, Paris Assembly’s Special Committee has estimated the amount of damage to Western Armenia during 1915-1918, the Treaty of Sevres was signed on August 10, 1920, and on November 22, 1920 the 28th US president Woodrow Vislone ratified the Arbitral Award on the border between Armenia and Turkey,

Considering that in 2004 the institute of the identity and nationality of Armenians of Western Armenia was formed, on the basis of which the State of Western Armenia’s (Armenia) legal and political framework and state institutions, the government, the parliament, the presidential institute were established,

We ask Governments of UN Member States, under UN auspices, to form the legal and political process to ensure the implementation of the above mentioned decisions adopted during 1919-1920 period, to protect and establish the right of citizens of Western Armenia and Western Armenia indigenous peoples to live freely, right to development and the future under the auspices of the cradle of Homeland, the State of Western Armenia.

Tigran Pashabesyan

Prime Minister of the Government of Western Armenia


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