The National Council of the Armenians of Western Armenia, expressing the will of the Armenians of Western Armenia and conscious of its responsibility for the destiny of his people committed to achieving its aspiration and the restoration of a historical justice, manifests to transmit the present resolution, taking into account the following international provisions:

  1. a) The principles of Universal human rights of the UN
  2. b) The standards recognized by the international law
  3. c) The right to self-determination of the Armenians of Western Armenia, applied by the National Council according to the official statement of December 17, 2004.


            The creation of a real institution of State within the Armenians scattered around the world, namely, the realization of the formation of a government in exile.

            Some of the decisions of international law support the formation of such a government, that we quote below.

Article 1

  1. The 29 December 1917 (January 11, 1918), the decree of Russia on “Turkish Armenia” (Western Armenia) recognizing the independence of Western Armenia.

            The Council of people’s commissioners promulgated the “Decree on Turkish Armenia” and it was published in the newspaper “Izvestiya”, January 13, 1918 (n° 227).

  1. The 2 January 1918 request made by the Armenian National Council to the French government for the recognition of the independence of Western Armenia.
  2. The 10 August 1920, the Treaty of Sиvres and the arbitral sentence of the United States 28th president W.Wilson on 22 November 1920, and international agreements until than valid and other texts still in force recognizing de jure and de facto the existence of Western Armenia.

            We recall the important dates of this fact. The conference of San Remo 1920, the signature of the Treaty of Sиvres by the western powers the 24 April 1920, the remittance to signature to the Turkish state of the Treaty of Sиvres the 11 Mai 1920, and finally the signing of the Treaty by Turkey the 10 August 1920.

  1. The 14 December 1960, the Declaration on the granting of Independence to colonial countries and peoples – Resolution 1514 of the UN General Assembly.
  2. According to the statement of the United Nation’s General Assembly on the rights of indigenous peoples on September 13, 2007, the Armenians of Western Armenia as an indigenous people, assert their right to self determination. “Indigenous peoples have the right to self determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development” (Article 4).

Article 2

  1. The protection and the achievement of the rights of Armenians of Western Armenia is possible only under the aegis of the government of Western Armenia.
  2. It is the right of the descendants of Armenian survivors to return to their ancestral home and live on their land.
  3. The National Council invites the outside world to participate in the recognition process of Western Armenia with its provinces (vilayets) including borders called “Wilsonian” and accept as an act of international justice.
  4. Between 1894 – 1923, the genocide perpetrated by the successive Turkish governments, resulted in the destruction, the confiscation and the misappropriation of all tangible and intangible assets of the Armenians of Western Armenia. For this reason the government of Western Armenia, one owner legitimate and officially constituted, in claiming best possible the restitution of all his possessions.

Article 3

            The formation of a government in exile of Western Armenia is the result of the political situation of the Armenians in and outside their homeland.

            Thus, it is recommended to take into account the definitions below.

  1. The government in exile of Western Armenia is formed by delegates of the National Council of the Armenians of Western Armenia. The government in exile is endowed by the power of a supreme national and a legitimate state.
  2. The right to the decision and manifest itself in the name of the Armenians of Western Armenia is reserved exclusively to the government in exile of Western Armenia.
  3. The Armenians around the world have the right to acquire the nationality of Western Armenia enjoying protection and defence of their government.
  4. The government of Western Armenia guarantees equally the prosperity of its citizens regardless of their origin, race and confession.
  5. The government of Western Armenia implements structure of civil protection as well as body equivalents and government agencies.
  6. The government of Western Armenia, as a subject of international law, establishes direct relations with the other states and national governmental formations, and participates in the activities of international organisations.

Article 4

  1. The Armenian National Council recommends the government of Western Armenia to confirm through international agreements and declarations, that
  2. a) The national wealth of Western Armenia, and his people, Its land, its subsoil, air space, waters and other natural resources, both economic than intellectual, and cultural competence are the properties of Armenians of WA.
  3. b) The control of their administration, their use, their enjoyment and possession are determined by the laws of the government of Western Armenia.
  4. c) The government of Western Armenia has also wealth in The Republic of Turkey, among which supplies of gold, Mine production of diamond and a right part of the funds of foreign currency.
  5. The government of Western Armenia guarantees the freedom of speech, press and conscience, and that the separation of legislative, executive and court on the entire territory of its sovereignty, in the same way, the depoliticization of security forces and defence in the territory concerned.
  6. The government of Western Armenia declares the Armenian language as the national language, taking into account on the same plane, the Western Armenian and the Eastern Armenian. Specifying the Western Armenian as an official language of the government. The government creates its own education system, scientific and cultural development.
  7. The government of Western Armenia supports duty implementation of recognition of the genocide in Western Armenia and Turkey, according to the declaration of the National Council.
  8. This statement is the basis for the National Council, to appoint an interim basis and implement legitimate representatives participating and defending our resolutions and our rights in the international courts.

            Therefore, we call the Hays ( Armenians ) in Western Armenia, The Republic of Armenia, Artsakh and of Javakhk and dispersed in the world to participate in the work of our Government, in relation to your knowledge, experiences and specialties.

Paris, (France), February 4, 2011

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