9th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists draws to an end

On June 1, the 9th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists drew to an end with a panel session entitled “Challenges Facing the Republic of Armenia and Armenian Journalism” and moderated by Editor-in-Chief of Zartonk Daily Sevag Hagopian (Lebanon), Editor-in-Chief of Dzaghig Magazine Hagop Dounaian (Lebanon) and Editor-in-Chief of Orer Magazine Hakob Asatryan (Czech Republic).

Correspondent of Lousavor Avedis news website Dikran Pashabezian (France) delivered a speech entitled “Items on the Armenian Agenda under the light of the Current Challenges and Threats Targeted at Armenians and Armenia”. He stated that it is time to finalize the pan-Armenian agenda and recommended taking action without rushing. Importance was attached to the development and specification of the national ideology and national system of values after the heated discussion devoted to the topic.

Correspondent of Miaban news portal Yulia Gyuloyan (Russia) spoke about the need to establish cultural ties with Armenians living in the Middle East and Western Armenia.

Head of “ArmInfoCenter” news/analytical center Armen Ter-Sargsyan (Russia) presented the key issues of Armenians in the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh, Western Armenia and the Middle East and the paths to solving those issues through the solution to the Armenian Cause.

In her speech, Editor-in-Chief of Orer news website Anna Karapetyan (Czech Republic) analyzed the speeches given during the forum and stated that the format of the forum needs to be changed and made several recommendations to make the future cooperation more effective.

Deputy Director of the Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Depository of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin Papin Muradyan presented the news websites of the Mother See.

Vice-President of the All-Armenian Media Association Gaiane Arakelyan and journalist Yuri Karapetyan (Russia) also gave speeches and made proposals.

Summing up the forum, Chairman of the Coordinating Body for Pan-Armenian Forums of Journalists Shahan Kandaharian stated that the forum had gathered more than 100 journalists of Armenia, the Diaspora and Artsakh, of which 40 were editors-in-chief. The participants of the forum discussed 7 topics, gave 30 speeches, and over 50 journalists gave related speeches and made related proposals. Kandaharian also attached importance to the development of an organizational and substantial format.

On behalf of the task force, Head of the Department of Information and Telecommunication at the Ministry of Diaspora Vaghinak Vardanyan expressed gratitude for participating in the forum and stated that the forum served as another milestone for the creation of a pan-Armenian information platform.


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